VPN Default Gateway

I connect my laptop to my home network via AR300M OpenVPN to AR750S and the Default Gateway for my laptop is my Home newtork internet.
I do not want to route ALL Internet traffic via my Home Internet.
I need access to my Home network for certain resources, file-sharing etc but I need all basic Internet traffic to route via the local network of where I am with my laptop.
Can anybody advise if this is possible and where I should look to change this.

Pls use VPN policy and add your home Internet to vpn allow list only.

Thanks, I will investigate further. These VPN options were not available on my Firmware version, I have just updated to 3.025 and can now see VPN Policies

This was the exact upgrade I have been waiting for. Total control over VPN and non-VPN traffic from the Client side. I can now go back to using Wireguard instead of OpenVPN. Thanks GL-iNet for the great work and continued support of your devices.

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