VPN: different behaviours between clients

Hi all,

I have openvpn configured on my router GL-AR300M. Basically this is to change the region to France. The point is that it works well on my laptop: IP in France, can use french apps, can use Netflix France, etc… but one strange thing I noticed: if I go to paypal.com, the browser changed its language to swedish (my vpn provide is in Sweden). So anyhow it recognizes something from Sweden ??

But what disturbs me more is that my smart TV (I also tried with a blue ray player) which is connected to the router as well has a different behavior: IP is in France, can use french app (molotov for instance), but netflix is not working 100%: can launch it, can play some titles and other not: the famous message “please disconnect from vpn” is coming

If it was (not) working the same on all devices, I would understand but what is the difference between the laptop and the smart TV ???

I have to add maybe that I use also a custom DNS, provided by the VPN provider.



International remittance laws and video expression regulations vary widely from country to country. VPNs and proxies can claim to have accessed from where their servers are, so they are also affected by the law at that location. This means that you may be more inconvenient than if you weren’t using a VPN.

  • In the case of video content, the company that has the rights may do so for profit
  • The location of the server is expected mainly based on the allocation range of the IPv4 address, so it may be different from time to time

Strictly speaking, if you are always in France and access from France, you need to be regulated by only French law, but please forgive it as it’s really difficult for web content developers to determine that :sweat_smile:

I am using Nord and netflix and everything just works fine.

Yes I have similar problems. Different website think you are in different countries. Maybe you should set up custom DNS on the router and try.