VPN enabled Repeater join upstream WiFi with captive portal

I have GL-MT300N-V2 running latest stable (V3.025). I have OpenVPN configured on the device which works by manually turn on/off after the upstream WAN WiFi is connected.

However, I’d like to make my connection protected as much as possible, so I turned on VPN by default with the hardware switch. This works fine with normal open WiFi, but not WiFi with captive portal. When the device join WiFi with captive portal, I can’t use internet on any client device, even though a simple curl command on the GL itself shows the captive redirection works ok.

Any suggestion on how I can run VPN best in these upstream WiFi with captive portal?


Not specific to Mango…

Need to connect/validate the captive portal, and then you should be able to bring up VPN.