VPN from AR750S to Fritzbox using VPNC IPSec

Dear all,

I just bought a new AR750S and I really like the device.

I’d like to set it up in such a fashion that it connects to my Fritzbox at home via a VPN connection. I’m aware that Fritzbox only supports IPSec which is not natively supported by the AR750S.

I did found some instructions on how to setup the connection using the VPNC add-on.

However, I struggle to get this working and maybe someone here could help:

My AR750S is connected to an open Wifi network which again ist connected to the internet.

I followed the instructions and set up everything accordingly. As a output device I specified the WWAN interface.

However, when I connect the VPN Interface I get the Error Network device is not present.

What is it that I’m doing wrong?

I don’t have Fritzbox and no IPSec.

Generally “network device is not present” means that driver does not work well or cannot connect to the server. You may post more detailed config and log so that others can help. Sorry I cannot help more.

dear alzhao, thanks for looking into this. my configuration looks identical to that of the instruction I linked.

I did install all three vpnc packages and configured everything accordingly…

Also the log is rather inconclusive to me: