vpn ip address routing

I have an axt1800 running openvpn client connected to my asus ax88u home router with an ip address of 10.241.142.x. The doc says that the asus should route that to my normal network
I see traffic passing in the VPN Dashboard. My mac is getting from the axt. When I go to whatsmyip I see the external IP address for the asus router. So this makes me think all is fine.

My axt1800 is handing out 192.168.8.x to local machines
My asus ax88u is 10.241.141.x
My openvpn hosted in asus is 10.241.142.x

What I can’d do from my mac is get to a server on

Not sure if this is an axt1800 question or an ax88u question.
Any thoughts??