VPN issues - Can't access local network + location not changing

I have an Unifi Dream Machine at home setup with wireguard server.
When I install the VPN profile on my phone or tablet, I can access local resources and also my location changes from the country I am at right now to USA, which is the desired setup.

I bought and took with me a travel router, setup with wireguard client so that I can have any device connected to it act as it’s on my local network in the USA.

In the VPN client settings in the travel router I see it connected to my VPN, I see it got an IP in the network I have setup in the Dream Machine and all, BUT I can’t access any device on my local network in the USA and also my location still shows as Brazil and not USA.

Tried to setup a firewall rule in Luci but not having much success.

Can’t someone please help me?


My firewall rules . Added the last row

I think you can use Tailsace or Zerotier for remote lan network.

But thats thru software right?

Trying to have the setup with the GL-SFT1200 so that anywhere that I plug it, it will be hooked up to my home LAN and in the laptop for example, I don’t need to worry about connecting to VPN (which in fact I can’t because I need to connect to work VPN)

looks like firmware 4.2.2 wont work in the Opal SFT-1200
do I need a different router? beryl?

imho the latest firmware for SFT-1200 is V 4.3.7 r1.
Did you try this?

wasn’t finding it, but was filtering for stable version.
I can find it in the beta option, let me try it out.


You shouldn’t need LuCI for this. I’d reset the Opal to stock/stable & see the S2S HOW-TO to template the confs.

Awesome, updated to latest firmware and now everything is working as expected.


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Good stuff. Feel free to mark the ‘solution’ to let future readers know.