VPN Options Gone with AR150-251 in Access Point Mode

I was looking to add the AR150-251 to my existing router to create a remote VPN tunnel to get to my home network. I put it in access point mode, and the VPN options disappeared. I assume this is expected. I am on the latest firmware it can download. I suppose I just have to reserve an IP for the AR150-251 on my existing router, use the WAN port of the AR150-251, turn off the DHCP server on the AR150-251, and port forward whatever is needed. Tinkering is in progress, but wanted to reach out to the community to see if I am on the right track. Please offer any advice. Thank you.

Since you are plugging into the WAN port, and using repeater mode on the AR150, you should not have to turn off DHCP on the AR150. I do not turn it off on my AR300M that I uses as a VPN server. On your main router, just port forward the UDP or TCP port you reserved for your AR150.

VPN does not work in Access Point mode. Your main router, the AR150 and all client devices would all be on the same IP subnet and there would be no LAN routing.

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