VPN performance of ATX1800 and MT3000

Now I have my eyes on two models, ATX1800 and MT3000. I wonder whose VPN performs better.
I have built a VPS on AWS, and my pc can reach 500M (connected via Xray).
How fast can I get from the server when I use ATX1800/MT3000 by OpenVPN/WireGuard/other protocols?
Many thx!

Well the only real choice is WireGuard. As advertised:

  • Beryl AX (MT300): 300 Mbps v half that w/ OpenVPN
  • Slate AX (ATX1800): 550 v 120.

I’ve read postings in this forum the Slate AX can exceed that WG rate; factor(s) dependant, of course. I look forward to reading yours.

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Thank you for the info provided.

I just tested a GL-AX1800, whose performance should be similar to that of AXT1800 as they both use the same cpu.
My ISP provides a speed of 1000m.
When I used my iPad Pro 2022 as a Wireguard client, I was able to get speeds of about 300m/200m. When I connected to the GL-AX1800 and enabled its VPN, the speed dropped to 120m/180m. The upload speed is normal.
I’m not sure if this is due to my server or the speed test website, as the speed of Wireguard varied each time I tested it, while Xray consistently provided high and stable speeds.

To further investigate, I will use iperf to check the throughput between the server and my old AX1800 & the newly-purchased MT3000.
Will also try other protocols and to set up my own speedtest server.

A couple of tips:

  • Don’t test via Wi-Fi; the wide range in quality of the radios used by different manufacturers will skew the results. A flagship smartphone can have drastically different results than a mid-range.
  • SpeedTest.net is not guarantee of peak performance as their testing servers can range quite differently depending on time of day & the infrastructure of the third party company providing the link. It’s more for a ‘rule of thumb’ but multiple tests are recommended.
  • iperf3 would be the way to go especially since you run your own VPN server.
  • OpenSpeedTest is F/OSS & self-hostable.