VPN Policies not working

I have a GL iNET GL-AP1300LTE, I have everything working the way I want, I have used VPN policies to only router traffic to, and (the VPN end points and tunnel). However all the traffic is still routed over the VPN, this can be confirmed by using chrome on one of the clients and going asking what’s my IP, this gives the public IP of the VPN end point, not the local internet breakout public IP.

Any ideas why this wouldn’t be working?

3.105 has problem in vpn policy.

Try 3.201 snapshot. AP1300 should have snapshot this week.

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OK, I’ll wait for the new snapshot!


I’ve waited a month since @alzhao posted a reply still no sign of 3.201 for the AP1300LTE. I’m having some real stability issues now which I suspect are to do with the VPN routing issue above. Any idea when the device will get the new firmware?

A hard reset after changes to the vpn policies seem to get it going fine. Soft reboots and on-the-fly changes cause unexplained instabilities on devices where the policy changed. That’s on firmware 3.201.

IPQ series firmware is still under development. You can try sanpshot now

@alzhao this device is in semi-production environment so I’d rather not use a snapshot. This device still only has a snapshot firmware and we are fast approaching the end of May. Any idea when this might go final? I see it’s been bumped to 3.203

Beta3 is out today and under testing


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Great but what difference does it have with beta2 openwrt-mv1000-emmc-3.203-0525 ? (release note is the same)

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