VPN policies over s2s

Just wondering if VPN policies are supported on site to site ?

Unfortunately, s2s does not support VPN policies

i know but was looking for a way to get it supported. by the way s2s is actually using wireguard vpn right?

yes, s2s is using wireguard.

I have OpenVPN client running with VPN policies using domain/IP alongside s2s.

let’s say I have a domain which resolve to a range of IPs, and I want this to route over s2s, so ill include the domain in 'don’t use VPN ’ and then route it to the s2s right?

Maybe you should not set any vpn policy for this. Just check if S2S is running good with vpn enabled.

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I can do that but for long run I cannot use my vpn as it has traffic volume limitation of like 50GB per month, so basically i want to route specific traffic to VPN based on domain/IP and s2s for specific subnets/domain/IP and rest I want to use my local internet which is unlimited.

will test that and let you know.

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@alzhao I did a test and it was working perfectly fine. basically, how i tested is, I have OpenVPN client connected with global proxy selected and s2s edge announcing interested subnet from it, while stopping s2s connectivity interested subnet stops working. So, I think both alongside works fine.

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@alzhao, i cannot continue this way, i need VPN policies like domain/IP on s2s, how i can achieve this ?

But we don’t have this option.

I know, just Woundering if this will be supported in future ?

I am not sure. Have you checked Tailscale?

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havent used it, is it like the same s2s with some extra features the one i’m looking ?

Yes it i1

Yes it is.

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one last thing, is goodcloud.xyz going to have further improvements with s2s ?

and on my mudi GL-E750 i face slowness when i enabled openvpn and s2s, any advise ?


This may not be an issue of S2S. E750’s single CPU is not powerful enough to run the modem and multiple vpn