VPN policy for 4.x

hello, is there going to be a VPN policy option on 4.x?
Used to have it on my Flint on 3.214 but now is missing on 4.0.1 b2 :frowning:

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It is in vpn dashboard.

can’t seem to see it, any screenshots please?


And then…


thanks @Max3, unfortunately I didn’t have that option. Then found out vpn-policy plugin which is not installed by default on the fw image. Installed it and option appeared.

option on 3.214 is much more clearer. Here on 4.0.2 option to bypass vpn for certain ip/hosts is not quite working (even when I change it explicitly in further options). Seems like I’ll be back on 3.214 until ironed out v4 image is out for Flint

The policy package is installed by default.

No idea why you need to install manually.