VPN Policy Issues With MT1300

Thanks for taking time to confirm. I’m going to play with some OpenVPN settings. I found another thread discussing GL.iNet routers dropping OpenVPN connections after periods of inactivity and then having trouble reconnecting automatically. This could explain the intermittent behavior. I’ve noticed, for example that if the Samba connection stops working, I can browse to the IP using Chrome, then return to Samba and it works. I’m going to see if any of the suggested settings help.

I’ve fixed that since sending the logs earlier. I went into GL.iNet’s DNS settings and manually entered a DNS. External requests are no longer being routed through the VPN.

Huh; I know WireGuard conf files usually set a persistent_keepalive '25' directive to send a ‘heartbeat’ packet every 25 seconds. I’d look for a proper fix first but worst case something similar can be done here, I think, to ping whatever IPs you specified that should accomplish the same effect. I’m reasonably sure the OpenVPN feature sets a virtual interface like WG does (eg: network.wgclient=interface == wgclient for the interface name). That should be enough to restart the VPN should pings to, say, fail.

opkg update && opkg install luci-app-watchcat watchcat nano
uci show | grep network | grep interface
nano /etc/config/watchcat