Vpn route all traffic/auto connect


I have 3 questions and any help will be apreciated.

AR750 v3
VPN server running fine

How to disable that all the traffic is routed trough my vpn, I only need to access my VPN lan. (This feature was disabled on v3 release I guess)

MT300N v3
VPN client running fine

How to enable auto connect to my vpn server if router is restarted?

General question, sorry if this is obvious, how do i access etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf using putty, i get an permision error using root user

Vpn client should always auto connect once router restart.

About vpn server, seems you do not want to route all traffic via vpn. But this seems should be done on the vpn client side. The server just waiting for connection. If it does not route traffic to Internet, your client will not have Internet.

About lighttpd, there should not be a problem with root. If you have problem, pls post the screenshot.

But I suggest you use winscp to edit files and it is so easy.