VPN services with Wireguard config?

I know that there are a few VPN services that provide Wireguard config like:




Any other suggestions other than these 3 that can be easily set up on the router?

TorGuard、VPN.ac also provide WireGuard protocol.

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Please access this docs

By the way, we are developing a new app, which will integrate the WireGaurd service of below:
Azire, Mullvad, TorGuard, OVPN, WeVPN, StrongVPN, SpiderVPN

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Thanks Leo this feature is really cool. Proton VPN also supports wireguard and I’ve gotten it working with the Brume 2 by adding a couple config files manually-- but Proton VPN literally has hundreds of config files. Is there a way to add them all at once? It would be great if you guys could add Proton VPN configs to the IOS app too.

We have contacted ProtonVPN, but they are not ready with the API yet. Therefore, the GL.iNet app currently does not support integration with ProtonVPN.