VPN Testing

I’m a Network Newbie here. Purchased AR-750S-Ext (Slate) and installed it in the following mode.

ISP → Motorola Surfboard Cable Modem → Netgear Router → AR750S-Ext (Slate) (repeater mode)
Enabled VPN in AR750S-Ext (Slate) (OpenVPN and installed config from KeepSolid VPN Unlimited) and connected my laptop to the Wifi

  1. How do I test and find out if all my laptop traffic is going through the VPN?
  2. What are the settings in AR750S-Ext (Slate) which will ensure that if my commercial VPN is down, then it will block internet access?
  3. How do i prevent DNS Leak via setups
  4. How do I test for DNS Leak?


  1. Connect your pc to AR750s and check with whatismyipaddress.com . If it shows IP of the vpn server, not your ISP, then it is connected.
  2. Yes the router does it by default. If you want do not want Internet even if vpn is not enabled, turn on “Internet killswitch”.
  3. First use 3.211 beta2 firmware. Then you should check step 4
  4. Check with www.dnsleaktest.com, click Standard Test or Extended list. It will give you a list of vpn servers. If your ISP DNS server is not listed, then you do not have DNS leak. If you have, suggest you turn on DNS via TLS Cloudflare in customer DNS settings.