VPN to Pulse-Secure-Server with GL-AR750S-Ext - SLATE

Hi there,
I’s like to connect sometimes to the office via pulse-secure.
I know, that i need OpenConnect, but don’t know how to install and bring this to the Slate Dashboard to connect from there.
I already know the command-line to connect:

openconnect -u USERNAME --servercert sha256:SOME_HASH -b --juniper yyy.server.xxx.de

But the traffic is not routed through this connection
AND it would be great to start the connection from the dashboard

Any suggestions

edited with more details

You can refer to here

This is for OpenVPN not OpenConnect… but thanx

Is’nt there any way to route the traffic to the connection?
and how link this command to the VPN-Section in the Dashboard to access easier?
I guess a script is needed which is to link in to the dashboard, right? but how?

We have no experience with OpenConnect, maybe you can refer to here