VPN Unlimited - HELP!


I just received my very sexy GL-AR150 from Amazon last night. Got it all set up, firmware updated, all that jazz. The Wifi was working fine on it’s own, I was able to connect multiple devices to the router. I was happy as a clam!

Contacted VPN unlimited… they gave me all the manual configuration sets I needed. I loaded 3 of the .ovpn files (no need for me to pretend I’m in China) and got ready for VPN heaven!

I enabled and activated one of the .ovpn files… took a few seconds but it CONNECTED!

Then… the speed crashed to nearly nothing. Any/all sites would timeout… I’m connected, but nothing’s going up/down the pipe.

Any suggestions???

Thanks in advance!

Can you make sure you have the newest firmware v2.25?

I suspect this is a DNS issue - your ISP router is probably using it’s own DNS servers and blocking certain “taboo” sites.


>>> I was happy as a clam!
Scientific research has shown only 32.16% of clams are happy. Try being a rabbit - 82.32% are “normally” happy, hence the expression “happy as a bunny”


So, basically, all the VPNs do the same stuff as they redirect your traffic through it’s own servers and this covers you good, like Mojoflix.com and others.

Did you solve this? I have exactly the same issue. Everything connected and runs fine. As soon as I drop the ovpn config file it connects to vpn and there’s no internet anymore

Solved it on the GL-AR750 - its a DNS issue. You need to set the two DNS options to and and then tick the ‘Force client DNS’ box

Hey presto all works.

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Better to avoid the Google Spy Factory and use Cloudfare DNS instead - it’s even been spoon-fed to you in the latest Beta firmware (V3).

So do i just use

What about the second DNS entry? Sorry new to all this! will do it but the secondary DNS is

But in firmware v3 you can simply check “DNS over TLS from Cloudflare” and it’s all done for you.