VPN wireguard GL-AR750S-Ext - SLATE

I want to know how to encrypt data from my laptop using wifi through to the internet using the GL-AR750S-Ext using wireguard.

I want to make sure that data is encrypted from the laptop to the router and the router to the internet.

From my understanding wireguard client encrypts data from the Gl.inet router to my VPN provider’s server. What about the wifi signal from my laptop to the router? How do I get that encrypted at the same time?

More strongly than WPA2 encryption?

yes. That would be great. I need all the encryption I can get.

You’ll need to either:

  • Connect your laptop to a remote WireGuard peer directly
  • Assuming you have secured your router “sufficiently” (as this will allow access to the decrypted stream on the router itself)
    • Set up a second, self-configured, WireGuard peer on the router
    • Connect your laptop to that peer

In either case, unless your router is sufficiently secured, WireGuard (or any other VPN) isn’t going to help you much if someone has access to your keys.

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Yup Jeff gave you the options perfectly.

The simplest is to just run a client on your laptop such as TunSafe, and connect directly to the wireguard server. All the data passing the router will be encrypted more securely than just wifi.

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