Wake on Lan with a VPN - MAC

Hi :slight_smile:

I really need your help : How can I wake up my mac in order to stream with Infuse on my Apple TV ?

You will find attached my configuration.

I am oblige to use a VPN and I have absolutely no knowledge in this field.

In order to test, I connected my mac directly to the ISP’s modem/router and I managed to wake it up with an app on my smartphone but it is not my solution because I need to connect my mac on the router where my VPN is.

Thank you very much for your help.

What is the wake up app?

I think the app tries to send some data to your mac but the router blocked it.

So, has to know which port the app is using to send the data and forward the port.

Thank you Alzaho :slight_smile:

I used wake on lan for android for my test.

Ideally I would like that Infuse wake my mac directly (without the Android app) but according to their forum is not that simple…

But I will go step by step and try to wake up my Mac comnected to the GL router with the Android app.

I try again without forwarding the port but it works only for a while do you have an idea ?