Wanna sell a minium of two routers to every traveling person and then some?

So one of the things I have long wished could be accomplished was an easily created, self contained and managed, non-cloud remote storage, motion actived surveilance system. Your previous versions of Gl-inet software 1.x or 2.x I dont recall had the starting recipe for this with usb camera funtionality which was removed.

As an example of Functinality. Traveling user is staying in hotel. User has home router also as server db for storage of video and stills. sets uprouter in hotel room with usb camera. slides switch with 30 second exit delay. Upon motion detection camera stores data locally and starts copying files to server at home. We now have backup security incase device is removed from the room. Home server and/or hotel room router senses event and emails or sms picture to user based on server policy or event driven policy from lets say Gli android app for events. Now design has this capability with multiple cameras for home and work. user may need micro sdcard.

Now imagine this in a car where your park at work and throw a router in it that can connect to your work wifi or connect to common open wifi as your shopping at walmart as a customer. (Not sure if this legal or not but you are a customer at the time.)

Neat thing is router can connect to home router with vpn for privacy.

motion, snmpd or other. lemme know what yall think or especially if there is something already out there to perform this feature set easily cause I haven’t found it.

A lot of hotels I know (up to middle class) turn off power, if you’re leaving the room. The indicator is your keycard.

An approach for your surveillance could be the App ’ Heaven’ from the ‘Guardian Project’. Pure Android based.

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haven was cool. being all cables from router to the cam has it’s benefit wont have all the fancy person detection and stuff but it just supposed to be for hotels car and maybe a server room or car. I set up a vanilla openwrt router using motion and ar750s with 100mb of nand works great. with images to the sdcard. thought it would be easy for gli to add it as a security feature to broaden their mkt since they had it before but was missing the bells and whistles of notification and motion. and about the power issues, you may want to ask for an extra key card and leave it in the room? sucks to come back to an uncharged phone when your at the pool or bar too long. :wink:

Let’s get ONE router that does it all without any issues first before thinking of two!

I have to get two room cards. Need to put on in the card slot and take another with me.

It is actually a good use scenario. However it is very difficult to set up unless you are technically.
A battery camera just do the job but it is not very privacy protected.

Using on router at home and one router when travelling, may not be difficult if you have learned the technics.

But it could be difficult because once you lot connection to your home, you may have difficulties to set up on travel.

So you have to consider some backup solutions e.g. using cloud etc.

Setting up the home server, it not as easy as it is. For example “port forward” is a problem which most of people don’t understand what it is.

In a cheap hotel it was just a ‘card presence sensor’, so any card is doing the trick … A colleague of mine did this, and the room cleaning service was not amused. After he kept doing this trick, he needed to search for another hotel …
I never tried it myself, but keep in mind to put out the ‘no cleaning label’.

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Would love to have a twin setup that will talk to each other out of the box and without any special setup. Just to twin devices that are factory-bound to each other like via GoodCloud or some other proprietary way that can penetrate any firewall without any issues (if such a thing is humanly possible).

We thought about that.

There is similar product already, e.g. ubnt teleport
Is that what you want?

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Exactly what I was thinking. Uniquiti’s Teleport with GL.iNet’s twist and flexibility added to it. Awesome combination.

Have you used that? Can you share your user experience?

Yes, used it for few months when it first came out and was actually an impressive bit of kit for its time with a brilliant concept and form factor but the implementation was lacking and quite cumbersome as it needed priming at home before travel (you needed to set it up and connect it to the home router as you were otherwise not able to do this remotely). It was also quite slow and flaky and would not connect half of the time. It would also connect to the remote network only via wifi and could not use ethernet to router connection. This youtuber actually shows how it worked quite well:

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I got some attitude from the staff of a hotel in Germany for doing this. My solution: I wrote a note, “Please leave this card in, otherwise it shuts off power to my computer” (in German), and folded it so it hung neatly on the card in the power-slot. They respected the situation after that. Your mileage may vary, but such a simple explanation can work.

It’s a “green” thing. They shut off climate controls and lighting with that power switch too. (Worse, many hotel a/c installations these days have motion detectors, so at night when you’re not moving around, the a/c shuts off, and you wake up in a sauna and have to throw a pillow at the thermostat.)

With power shortages rampaging across Europe and other places, this sort of thing will intensify.

Some hotels leave a socket or two alive when the rest of the room is shut down, so that might be worth seeking too.

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