WDS main router config?

Let’s consider a case when there is a wired AP (let’s call it A) and then a repeater running WDS (let’s call it R). The documentation explains how to setup R using the default GL inet firmware, but makes no mention of how to configure A, or even if any configuration of A is needed.

I have looked through several threads discussing WDS setup, and in many, this lack of documentation of the configuration of A seems to be a frequent point of confusion.

Which model do you have? If you upgrade to v3.0 firmware, it is easy to set it up.

Please refer to More Settings - GL.iNet Docs

B1300, but do you need to configure A?

Nothing need to configure A if you are using our routers, as WDS is configured already.

But if you are using other routers, you need to check if there is WDS option. But even you enable wds, that doesn’t assure it works.

So if WDS doesn’t work, please use relayd (in v3 firmware, extender).

MT300N-V2 works with any routers for WDS. Be sure to set up LAN IP when you set up. This is MTK proprietary wifi driver. It is not like standard WDS so it works with all router.s