Web login suddenly stopped working, but can ssh in OK (same password)

I have an AR-750.

I had my device all set up, and it’s been working OK. I had a password on the web login that worked up 'till I’d inserted a Micro-SD card and rebooted. Now I can no longer log into the web interface (I get “Input is wrong” in red). But I can login via ssh using that same password. Apparently no other setting has been changed (it’s still connecting to a nearby WPA2 network, and connecting to my OpenVPN server after that).

Is there a way to clear the web login password via the shell, so I can get back into the web admin interface?

Huh. Now I get “unknow error” in red.

Does having an SD-Card in the slot at boot have any special significance? I wanted to just make it available to share, and right now it’s totally blank (Fat32, 32GB).

The SD storage should not affect the UI.

What browser are you using? can you try a different one?

It’s NOT a browser issue. (FWIW, I did try another one, and as expected it made no difference.)

How can I clear the password that the web login uses? I can ssh in just fine.

I think what did it is I’d tried to enable “WAN access”, it was the last thing I’d changed before the reboot … how can I clear that via the shell?

Also, you guys should REALLY stop hiding passwords in the dialog boxes, or at least have a “Show Password” option.

We are designing the new UI and there is a show password.

I think it is when you change wan access, there is a password filled automatically in the password box and you updated by accident.

Here is what you can do.
The password is in /etc/config, you will see a long string. It is SHA256 of the password. Search Google and generate a SHA256 hash of a password and change it using ssh.

For example,
The SHA256 of 123456 is 8D969EEF6ECAD3C29A3A629280E686CF0C3F5D5A86AFF3CA12020C923ADC6C92

Change the password to 8D969EEF6ECAD3C29A3A629280E686CF0C3F5D5A86AFF3CA12020C923ADC6C92
and use 123456 to login

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Ok, so I found the file /etc/config/glconfig .

I found the password entry under “config service general”, and changed it to your example password. Didn’t work, I still couldn’t login via the web interface.

So maybe it was too small a password, so using this SHA256 generator I’d found online, which generates the same SHA value as your example value for the same input: https://passwordsgenerator.net/sha256-hash-generator/ I tried another password. Still couldn’t log in.

I had to delete the “password” and “code needed” entries in /etc/config/glconfig . That brought be back to the “English/Chinese” dialog when I tried to log in, so I was able to reenter (and confirm) my password there.

I don’t know what happened, but the /etc/config/glconfig file was the key to getting it worked out. Thanks.

as long as you solved.

Thanks for updating.