Web UI mods

I made a couple of mods the UI that I am liking. Thought I’d share and see what others think :slight_smile:

Am I right in thinking the changes simply remove the need to click on the menu item to show the options (join/forget and remove/select)?
If so, a positive thing.

(feature request for GL): all you need to do now, it make it so that when you click the change server “cog” it opens at the currently selected server, removing the need to do a lot of scrolling if you are on the one beginning with “Z”

You are right about ovpn management.

For repeater connection actually we did this internal before but eventually changed to to select box. That is more for frontend responsiveness etc.

Yep! More straight forward for me.

My AP list quickly adds up. Having the Forget button there makes cleaning up easier.

the ability to change the config name in openvpn and wireguard would be nice. I know some might get confused with the IP setting but stating “this is not the network address but name of configuration” might help. also the ability to edit the config files via text input would be a nice “advanced” feature for both wireguard and openvpn since you don’t use the standard luci .conf files. ok. i will go away now. no complaints. just suggestion

Please add your request to the bug tracker, so the devs will see it :slight_smile:

I like the VPN Client config file picker - should be same for both OVPN and WG

Known WiFi networks - this can be a bit messy… depends if one has many in that list…

Good first effort.