Website navigation, possible improvement potential

Its looks its no more easy or possible to find the follow by gl website navigation:

The firmware download section (can be found, still by google):

The gl bug tracer:

If I have seen right, the link to the gl forum is missing on this time on naviagtion of gl webpage too, on this time:

The full list of found and solved bugs, realisized asked product improvements and possible additional proposal for product improvements can be found on:

We are reworking the firmware download page and will launch it soon.

For bug tracker, still need a while if we can open to users.

Its looks like the website navigation don’t have any more link to the downloadarea on this time:

I just add Firmware Release link to the website navigation.

The Firmware Release page is more intuitive than the current dl site.

I am working on to improve the dl site.

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  • So its possible now again to find the dl site without a search engine.
  • A link to the forum is now also available again via the navigation.