Website not secure

i am getting scary warnings that firmware website is not secure.
has the site been hacked???

That is not the link to download firmware, this is the link:

If you use the wrong URL, the certificate does not match and you get that warning.

thanks, i understand the that.

but i got the link from the website, i did not make it up myself.
and if you cick on a firmware file from that website, you will be sent to website.

Can you link me to the exact page? Cos all the links here:

Work for me. That is the link that you get if you click Support → Firmware Releases at the top of

i am trying to find it, so far no luck…

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using that link you shared, it will just download the .bin file, but there is no md5.

i download from GL.iNet download center
and get the md5 from lists.txt