Weird wifi connection issue

My GL-AR300M works perfect, and my devices: Oneplus 3 and chromecast connects via its wifi without problems. However, I have a spare Oneplus 1 that I would like to use as a TV remote, but for reasons I do not understand this device connects via Wifi, but has no internet access. One thing to say, is that there is no SIM card in the Oneplus 1 . Any ideas about why this device has no internet?

I don’t have an idea of why this happens. But this should not related to SIM card.

I found out myself a solution for this. It seems as if some devices cannot connect to a router with ip (most devices expect the default, or rather they connect o.k., but the internet doesn’t work. The solution for me, on two devices with this issue, was to setup a static ip-address rather than using DHCP. Cannot explain why, but this did the trick for me:)

yes, this cannot connect to anther router in 192.168.8.x subnet.