What are my options for using Wireguard on the Mifi 4G?

Ok, I should have done this research before buying this device, but I was just assuming as it being OpenWRT could just install the Wireguard plugin as on most other devices.

Looking around in forum it seems this is only possible with some unofficial LEDE build and I lose the 4G modem because of driver issues and what not. That’s sort of pointless then for a 4G router.

Is there really no other way to have Wireguard support on this device? Thanks.

So is the EC25 modem supposed to work with this firmware?


I just found this as well: OpenWrt Forum Archive

Pls try the firmware in GL.iNet download center v2.27.

You can install wireguard in this firmware.

Thanks. I can’t get the LTE modem to connect with that firmware. Am I supposed to select USB2 (default) or the wdm0 entry? I have the EC25 card.


Did you use V2.27 already

There is a auto configuration function. If you reserved old settings you can reset your firmware and try.

I have to say I’m sick and tired of this device. Running V2.27 I could get the modem to work, but transfer speeds are in the Kilobyte range, where I can get 38 MBit with my smart phone next to it. Some minutes after that Wifi just died off and no way to enable it again. Reset does’t work, can’t connect with LAN cable either.

I’m tired of wasting my life time with this shit and will just return it to Amazon. 149 EUR for 4G a router that can’t even connect to a 4G network is just ridiculous.

Finally managed to reset. Tried the same thing once more: Configured 4G Modem, transferred a few KB, bam Wifi is dead again, all LEDs except power turned off. It’s dead again. And back to Amazon it goes. Ridiculous.

I’m attempting to create a WireGuard interface with firmware v2.271, but I get an error:

Form token mismatch
The submitted security token is invalid or already expired!
In order to prevent unauthorized access to the system, your request has been blocked. Click “Continue »” below to return to the previous page.

Could there be something in the firmware preventing the instantiation of a second VPN client interface?

Are you using a commercial Wireguard service provider? Which is that?

I want to use Azire, and have the VPN working on my Android devices. However I’m having trouble creating the Wireguard interface through GUI, and am trying to figure out the CLI way… I’ve so far managed to generate a private/public key pair

We are developing UI 3.0 and you can just type your username/password so that all your wireguard config can be retrieved from Azire. It will be used on AR750S first.