What does the "Block" functionality in the GUI actually do?

I am hoping to achieve the same functionality to “Block device” on another (non gl-inet) openwrt router, but I don’t know that “Block” is actually doing and I can’t find any answers online.

I first thought it was firewall related, but the documentation (Clients - GL.iNet Router Docs 4) seems to specify that it’s mac-based, not IP based.

I also tried ssh’ing into the router and seeing what commands were actually being called, but I got lost tracing the RPC calls.

Does anyone have any insight into this?

You’re right:

Blacklist: Devices with MAC addresses on the prohibited list are not allowed to connect to this router.

Not that it matters; mobile devices generally have the ability to spoof /‘randomize’ their MAC anyways. So off the top of my head I’d record all MACs for your devices then restrict the DHCP pool for only that range of Static IP/DHCP Reservations.

… or WireGuard everything & null route every device outside of it.

Well the actual problem is that when I block and then unblock one of my iot devices, it becomes unresponsive indefinitely (it never reconnects), so I want to know what to tell the manufacturer what to do in their lab to reproduce the problem