What is different about the AR-750S Sennheiser Edition (IGMP)?

I emailed support but I guess I’ll ask here in case anyone knows…

I bought the Sennheiser edition of the router. I do use the LSP500 though that isn’t the primary use for this device.

I am wondering what specific changes to config or firmware were made for this edition, and if it can be re-created manually from the Release version. I believe my newish AR-750S updated itself and erased the pre-config in the process. I guess they didn’t branch it so it doesn’t update to non-IGMP versions? My current version is 3.101.

I saw on a Facebook post where they pointed to the IGMP version firmware file here for upgrading a standard edition to the Sennheiser version.

I am also asking because I may end up loading vanilla OpenWRT, and would like to replicate this setting on a brand new config there.

Go to “Advanced”, you then come to the LuCi OpenWRT Interface, you then choose Interfaces, there you can select and deselect IGMP snooping just as you wish (makes ofc only sense at the Wifi antenna interfaces, at least in almost all cases.) . Although I wonder why it’s turned on, normally its the GL-Standard that it’s off.

So is IGMP all they are enabling for the LAN bridge? If that’s it, why is there a special Sennheiser edition? Also, why did they branch a separate firmware version for this?

Funnily enough, I’m just setting one of these up as we speak. Can’t get the Sennheiser specific Slate easily in the UK but got the standard 750S on Amazon really quickly and have just thrown the IGMP firmware on it now. Aside from the IGMP Snooping I can’t immediately see anything obviously different from stock. As I recall, the LSP500’s are picky about Multicast and Multicast address and Port 0xD011 (53265) set, which a lot of stock WiFi routers don’t like…I was using an Apple Airport Extreme as one of the few that work out-of-the box…but it’s a cr4ppy wifi router and much happier already with the Slate…plus I can run it easily off a standard power bank, cutting that last mains-power need when setting up quickly!

Shout if you do find anything hidden in LuCi though, be useful to know!

It would be interesting to know why they did that Test firmware version since that IGMP option is already available for the LAN bridge interface. I didn’t try to extract the image yet to run a diff on it. Might be interesting. They also didn’t do any sort of protection against this “branch” updating to the latest 750S firmware. I probably manually told it to update, but in my mind I was updating to the latest “Sennheiser” version firmware.

FYI, the LSP500 is now discontinued! I wonder what’s coming next…

Beyond the IGMP and possibly a nod to the port settings, probably nothing different, just meeting demand for a “no skills needed” wifi router that would work for LSP500 owners.

There won’t be anything from Sennheiser in the LSP500 type of range, the price point is far too high. I created a setup not dissimilar 8 year before it came out…no where near as elegant but a quarter of the cost. Don’t get me wrong,I love the LSP500’s and Sennheiser, but I don’t think I’d spend the money again on what I’ve invested and it’s not in the core model of Sennheiser for sure. They’re innovating in better spaces these days.