What is gltertf and why does it use tons of RAM?

My X750 (spitz) router becomes sluggish after a bunch of days (18 days uptime right now) and it seems it has to do with gltertf:

 3077 root      20   0   41.6m  38.5m  0.0 31.6 864:45.74 S gltertf

What does it do? Why does it use so much memory?

I contacted gl-inet support, apparently it controls clients and block list

Yes, unfortunately enabling the client stats and blocking means all traffic must pass through gltertf, causing the memory usage and cpu usage.

How do I disable that?

Try this?

Thanks, I ended up disabling it in luci and adding an exit 0 into start_service in the init.d script. Those stats are totally useless anyway, better turn them off…

I am seeing this behavior on a Brume running the latest firmware. There’s no reason this should be taking 500MB of RAM after a few days of uptime.

Hi guys,
it is Jul 2022, and ‘gltertf’ still brings a bad impact on a new LTE E750 router with latest updates.

This process becomes deadlock in 4-5h of router use and you must reboot the router. I also found that my E750 start to disconnect all clients from 2.4 wifi after a few hours of work. And the MCU (display) software also impacts router stability.

So, after one month of torment, I was not able to make my router stable, but I found some workaround, that helps me not to reboot the router manually every few hours, like in a LOST movie…

luci → System → Schedulet Tasks

# reboot at 5am
0 5 * * * reboot

# restart wifi every 5h
*/300 * * * * wifi down && wifi up

# tuning gl.software
@reboot /etc/init.d/gl_tertf disable && /etc/init.d/gl_tertf stop
@reboot /etc/init.d/e750_mcu disable && /etc/init.d/e750_mcu stop
@reboot sleep 10 && rm /tmp/tertf/tertfinfo_bak
@reboot sleep 10 && rm /etc/tertf/tertfinfo_bak
*/58 * * * * /etc/init.d/gl_route_policy restart

P.s. I hope that the gl team will find a message and put some attention to their router’s stability. As an owner of a few products (MV1000, E750, etc.) since 2015, unfortunately I would say that without additional scripts that reload wireguard, wifi and other gl-software, these routers still can not work stable.

I"ve not poked at this for a while, but gltertf also comes with a 1meg mac database taking up room in the firmware. It is possible with imagebuilder to build the firmware without it.

Yes. We have a chinese post, just updated. 【10.20更新】怎样快速编译出带glinet页面的固件 - AX1800,AXT1800 - forum.gl-inet.cn - Powered by Discuz!
It is for firmware 4.x though.

Firmware 3.x you need to use GitHub - gl-inet/imagebuilder: Warning!Please look at 'GL.iNET Imagebuilder Introduction' section. but it may not be easy to compile the same firmware.