What is "name" when setting up GL-SFT1200

I’m trying to do the setup and I get to a white screen with a grey box asking for name and password. What is the name supposed to be? I’m not even asking whether the password is goodlife because it requires a name and a password. I’m tearing my hair out!

This isn’t the GUI from GL.iNet.

Whatever device you are trying to reach, it’s pretty sure not the SFT 1200.

The background reminds me of a Fortigate Firewall.

Never mind - It’s resolved. Unbeknownst to me, someone was reconfiguing the sketchy network in the building where I am working temporarily (hence the travel modem), so we were in a passive-aggressive fight for dominance. All is well now except for the half day wasted. But thanks for responding so fast! I’ve used the modem in other locations and never had a glitch until now.