What is reason for button on AR750 with 3.1?

Using AR750 I do not understand why there is a button to put on/off.

What is this reason and does reason exist for 3.1 firmwares?

Maybe this is similar to problem that I report that GUI does not exists for 3.1 firmwares in other Topic. Maybe if GUI is working I will see reason for button. Now no reason is that I can see. Thank you.

Sorry I am not sure what you mean?

The button is there for being able to physically turn on/off your default Wireguard/OpenVPN VPN
It can be controlled from More Settings → Button Settings.

You can program for other functionality too but the VPN on/off is the defaults in the Gl.iNet GUI.

Okay now I understanding. I have confusion because for some time I think it doesn’t exist GL UI for AR750 and now I know is only a bug for 3.1 that we continue to troubleshoot. (Bug for 3.1 firmwares on AR750 - no GUI - #12 by alzhao)

Thank you.

Oops, I just realized it was discussing the SWITCH not the BUTTON.

The SWITCH is around VPN enabling/disabling , the BUTTON is for repairing or resetting your router.

Sorry for confusion :slight_smile:

@limbot This is my fault. I was asking about the switch but saying button. I actually use English every day and I make stupid mistakes every day.

Thank you.

You can be sure that your English is better than any attempt of mine in your native language :joy:

@ponzi1 Actually in GL UI it says “Button Settings” not switch so I will put the blame on that.