What is these firmwares? ( mt300n-v2)

Begin: GL.iNet download center

Look for mt300n-v2

Look for “OpenWrt Only[3]” and click

Now you see these files:

So many questions. Why is “LEDE” file in directory for “OpenWrt Only”, what is different from two LEDE firmwares?

Is possible to please (PLEASE!!!) have explanations of different firmwares?

LEDE was old distro of openwrt. 2.x firmware is based on LEDE. So do not use that now.

“Clean” firmware means there is only basic package in that firmware. If you do not want to DIY a firmware do not choose it.

Always choose the firmware in “testing” or “release” or “v1” folder.

@alzhao Okay thank you. It could be really good to have this explain on page that have firmwares. Every firmwares could have small explain similar to this very good answer and could save many hours of confusion.