What is unintentional a good feature?

I don’t think the GL.iNet folks know how I travel.
Until now I’ve had two bags, rucksacks, packages. One for clothes, toothbrush, sleeping equipment and one for technical devices (Tab, Kindle, Flipper, second SmartWatch, GL.iNet router, …).

Now I don’t have a business laptop, anymore and try to move all my private stuff to VDI. So I only need one bag and a 10" Tab with BT keyboard … The last two things are still on my wishlist, but I wanted to travel with one pack, this weekend.

Yesterday evening I’ve recognised, I have a bunch of cables, but no power supply or powerbank…
But, I have had a AXT1800 with me. There was no need for a VPN to home, but I was able to charge my phone with the AXT ps :slight_smile:

So, once again it was good to have a GL.iNet router with me. Even without all the great performance the routers provides on normal trips. I love the USB-C PS solution.
Even with the router function, I would be able to charge my phone on the USB port. Maybe a little slower.


USB 3.0 is spec’d to push 900mAh. You’d be waiting quite some time to charge a modern phone from dead.