What Network mode do I need?

I’m trying to configure my microuter-N300 so that it provides a wired network connection to my desktop PC (which has no wifi adapter), via the local wifi. I can’t figure out which network mode is appropriate for this. Ideally, I’d like the N300 to be a simple switch to allow my desktop to join the local wifi-network.


…after some research, it looks like I need a “wifi bridge”. Extender mode should do this. However, I’ve tried Extender mode and I couldn’t get this to work (as others have reported). If anyone can give me a step-by-step instruction for setting up a wifi-bridge, that would be a huge help. The order of doing things seems important since once I’m in Extender mode, I can’t connect to the N300 device. Thanks.

If you want to turn your N300 into a wireless adapter, connect to your wifi in repeater mode, then disable the N300 wifi. It will then be a wireless client connected to your wifi, and supplying internet to your pc via it’s LAN port.

Thanks. Will give this a go later. I assume this works in the default Router mode, right?

Yeah exactly. That is the only thing i can think about. If you have a managed switch with a webpage, you can force it getting new IP also.

OK, I’ve got this working. The procedure is (for anyone else who runs into this):

  • Reset N300 to factory settings (>10s press on reset button). Unplug the wired ethernet port.
  • Connect to N300 using a wireless device on it’s own wifi network (SSID GL-MT300N-xxxxxx)
  • Browse to (as described in the docs) and set up router password
  • In the Admin “Internet” tab, under the “cable” section, click the “Use as LAN” link (THIS IS THE IMPORTANT BIT I HAD MISSED), and confirm in the pop-up dialog.
  • Now you can connect your wired ethernet device to the port on the N300. The N300 should now offer a DHCP service to assign your device an IP address in the 192.168.8.X range. You should now be able to access the Admin UI from your wired device, in case that is more convenient.
  • Now click on the “Scan” link in the Repeater section, to browse for other wifi networks. You should be able to connect to whichever wifi network you are going to use for internet access.

Once the router is connected to the external wifi network and you are accessing the router from your wired connection, you can go to the Wireless tab in the Admin UI and turn off the N300’s local wifi network (the GL-MT300N one) to save power / reduce interference.

On top of what you wrote, when the router is in repeater mode, you will only get half the speed since it has to share the wifi adapter for client + repeating. Disabling the local wifi is recommended cos of that, not really for power usage.