What parental controls are available?


New here. I was thinking of getting the Ubiquiti Dream Machine until I learned that it doesn’t have the native ability to run a server VPN.

I’m now turning my attention to your Velica mesh router, but I’m wondering what parental controls are available?

Sorry we don’t have parental controls now. But you can set up NextDNS on the router then use NextDNS web panel for parental control. It is quite easy.


Based on the pre-release specifications, the Velica will support adguard home which does have (limited ability) to do some parental control.
"Use the Family protection mode to block access to all websites with adult content and enforce safe search in the browser, in addition to the regular perks of ad blocking and browsing security. "

and because it’s based on OpenWRT there are some functions you can use for further restrictions.

Suppose it depends on your definition of parental control :slight_smile: