What product would fit my need?


I’m very new to all of this, so I hope my explanation are clear enough and understandable.

I’m searching a very low power device to replace a “box” connected to a DSL line and act as router or switch and wifi access point. I’d also like to be able to connect an external directional antenna to that device too.

I would like the device to be connected to the actual “box” with RJ45 Ethernet cable sometime also.

The system I’d like is to share a DSL line with neighbour using their own box with a WIFI bridge to my place witch is about 150m. And sometime disconnect the box, and use my device to directly connect to the DSL line and provide WIFI bridge.

The device is meant to work on battery, so it needs to be low power at 5V or less to work on Lipo battery at ~3.5V.

Is there any product that could fit my needs at GLI ? I haven’t seen one with RJ11 connector.

We don’t have product with RJ11 if you do need this.

So, does it means you don’t make DSL modem, I think that’s the proper word to say what I need with the RJ11 connector ?

You make only switch (RJ45) and wifi emitter (AP) and wifi client if I understand well.

Don’t you have any product even without RJ11 connector, but that it’s possible to use as DSL (ADSL as we say in France) modem to connect to the WAN and then has RJ45 connection and WIFI ability for my LAN ?


Regards and many thanks for your help. I really need a mow power device to replace the 10W DSL provider’s box

@hary, yes, you can connect the WAN to a ADSL modem and set up pppoe etc.