What the benefit of GL.iNet NAND Router (p.e AR300M vs AR300M-16)

What the benefit of more expensive NAND Router (p.e AR300M to AR300M-16)?

Nor Flash Router like GL-AR300M16:

Nand Flash router like GL-AR300M:

If NOR and NAND Router are equal from point of view of users, i can update my AR-300M routers by downgrade to AR300M16 routers. Or is the V3 Beta on http://download.gl-inet.com/firmware/ar300m/testing/ for Nand Flash router like GL-AR300M to ?

Its looks for me, the unlucky names of NAND and NOR describe only single and dual Flash boot. ( I know NAND an NOR Flash are a little bit different Flash Ships from Tecnology)

See also:

You can install the NOR firmware on the AR300M. It has NOR memory as well. Imagine it like a dual boot router! Although NAND is faster for writing, and is the default booting location.

Thats sounds intresting, .

A, bac to the question:

  • “What the benefit of more expensive NAND Router (p.e AR300M to AR300M-16)?”


You will need to wait as the NAND version of the v3 firmware is not ready…

If you upload from the GL.iNet interface you require the .tar file format of the firmware (they should make that clear in the UI). I believe the .bin file would have to be flashed via uboot or maybe a sysupgrade. I haven’t done this myself.

The benefit to me is the NAND version has 128MB of storage for software and is much faster than NOR. Because it has both memories, is more fault tolerant as if you flash a bad image (or screw up your config badly enough) you can boot to the other memory and reflash the other chip to easily fix the problem without cables.

A Beta will be great. Then i can sell my testing only AR750 and use my other AR300M`s for this. I dont like device in white case, because looks like Apple.

Apples are green, sometimes red!

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Its looks like AR300M and AR300M-16 have the same CPU and CPU speed:

  • Atheros QCA9531 @650 MHz

Whats the benefit of AR300M ?

  • Dual bios for restore not working bios.
  • On other hand its looks like no DD-WRT or Tomato available

It can be its possible to convert .img to .tar on follow NOT TESTED way::skull:

:skull:Attation: NOT TESTED !!!:skull: NOT RECOMMENT !!!:skull:
1 - Download and install 7-zip Download
2 - Download the latest .img file
3 - Open a file explorer, rename the downloaded file to: recovery.img
4 - Right click on the file > 7-zip > Add to archive…
5 - In this screen you can change the file name and, most important, in “Archive format” choose “tar”
6 - Flash the .tar file
:skull:Attation: NOT TESTED !!!:skull: NOT RECOMMENT !!!:skull: