When will AX1800 Flint enable its WIFI on default?

When I compare with many other routers, AX1800 Flint turns off its WIFI on default. It’s very annoying every time I factory reset it and re-install the setup I need. I MUST plug the ethernet cable from my PC to the router which put far away. It’s so inconvenient for the initial setup via LAN. I really want AX1800 Flint turns on its WIFI on default as other router brands.

Thats a good question. Reset to factory settings and firmware I think never, reboot with wifi issues it will set wifi to open after the 3rd or 5th reboot was my experience.

You can use the smartphone app to set up via bluetooth.

In the new production, AX1800 will also comes with preconfig unique wifi key. So wifi is enabled by default.

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Well, then I will wait until the new AX1800 Flint released to purchase a new one

Agreed. I used the App on my Iphone… Super easy setup…