Where to find log?

I’m trying to view the full log to find why I can’t get the switch to work properly.

Where would I find the log in WinSCP?

You can post your script here so that others can have a check.

To use log, add the following line to your scripts.

logger xxxx

Then get the log using “logread”

Perfect, now working, thank-you!

@ Zimo: Care to share? Your comment helps nobody!

@Glitch apologies, although I think alzhao comment provided the help hence the thanks

Ask he provided the logread command, I used Putty.exe and simply typed logread which allowed me to view the log I was looking for, it showed BTN_0 whereas I had saved the script in BTN_1.

If you go to the top and click Advanced button you can log into the Luci web interface.

Under the Status you will find system and kernel logs, if that’s what you are looking for.