Where to find manual for Spitz AX?

Just bought a GL.iNet GL-X3000 (Spitz AX) and after a small struggle got it up and running. But…I can’t find a manual to download? Can someone share a link please?

Here you go:

Ahhh I found that, but I can’t download it. I’d like to have the manual on my computer so that if I don’t have the internet, I can read what’s wrong with the router lol

Tbh the manual won’t help you anyway in that case.

How so? If I can go through settings and find out what’s wrong that helps me right?

Because the manual does not explain the settings (and how they play together - or not) very well.
In most cases: If you changed something, and it stopped working → Undo it.
If something stopped working, and it’s not your fault → Read the logs and/or ask here about it.

In all cases: Reset might be the best way to get it working again.

How can I ask here if my router isn’t working?
I’m going to take your comments as you don’t provide a downloadable manual. I think for the price I paid for this thing the very least I should have is a manual for it.

I don’t provide anything because I am not a staff member. I’m just a volunteer community moderator.

But if your router does not work, you can always use your phone, for example. So it’s not that much drama, I would guess. I never saw a manual as a downloadable file, so you will have to go with the online manual or you need to print it as a PDF, I would say.

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I didn’t mean you anyway, I just sort of meant…“the company”. I wasn’t criticising you even if you did work for them, I just get frustrated when you spend loads of money and don’t get the basics. Never mind I’ll muddle through somehow. But thanks for your time trying to help :slight_smile:

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Although there is no pdf manual, you still can spider and download all the pages in offline mode then convert it to pdf!

Thanks. I’m guessing spider is going in and downloading every page one by one? If so I have better things to do with my life lol At this stage I’m thinking of sending it back anyway.

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