Where to leave home router for VPN

Complete noob when it comes to this stuff. I was able to get a wireguard VPN server set up on my Beryl AX and connect it to the client on a slate AX. Now that it’s working, I’m deciding where is the best place the home router. Again complete novice, I initially tried to directly plug into the second Ethernet port in the modem which didn’t work. I have a eero mesh network at my home, the main eero router has one Ethernet cable going to the modem and the other Ethernet cable going into a Ethernet splitter which connects my Hue, eufy etc.

Would it be a reliable connection to plug it into the Ethernet splitter? The other option is to plug it into one of the mesh eero in my office. I am looking at the most stable option here. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Again thank you for being patient with me!

Ban those Ethernet splitters directly. They are the worst. Forget that they even exist.
If you need something like this, go with a switch instead.

Mostly this won’t work, you need to put it behind your first router.
Or in front of it, that highly depends on the setup - which is more or less try 'n fail.

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