Where to see all the coding naming for the Startup function?

where can I know what to write for what ?

I am not sure what you are asking.

programming documentation for startup function and At command.

There will be no such thing, unless you bring up a detailed problem to solve.

If you mean Quectel AT command manual I could send you privately.

The problem is simple ,

When the router start , I want to be able to lock the Band or frequency or both that the modem will use , and I want to be able to adjust the TTL .

The Quectel AT manual could be good to start ( can we put At command into the startup command line ? )


You can lock the band (frequency) and set the ttl in the modem configuration.

There is no need to modify script.

Just upgrade to 3.215 snapshot from https://dl.gl-inet.com

It fixed a problem of config reset when reboot.

How do I know that Command to use to change the TTL ?

Can we lock multiple band or we can only lock 1 at the time ?

I mean , the modem is sometime off battery power , as I am using it with a power bank. So will it keep his old config ? or I will have to manually enter them each time I boot it up ?

Will love to have that

Quectel AT command manual !!


In the default firmware, TTL has already been taken care.

Lock to 1.

It should be persistent. Just need 3.215 snapshot.

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