Which devices have temperature and humidity sensors?

I need a solution that allows remote access into a LAN over the 4G network. I also would like the ability to monitor temperatures and humidity. Is there a way to send an email once the temperature rises past a certain threshold?

Will this product accomplish all these tasks?

Do you mean the environment temperature?

These routers are hot so cannot use as this purpose.

But we do have other IoT devices with temperatures and humidity. We will release soon.

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I thought I was reading somewhere that one of your current products offered temperature and humidity sensing. Either way regardless of the location of these sensors, this feature is valuable for what I do. What products do you offer that have temperature sensing capabilities and the ability to create alerts based on those readings?

Pls note, the temperature is the chipset temperature, not environment temperature.

Either or is fine. I just need to be able to set up alerts when a temp exceeds a predefined threshold.

No. The temperature is not useful for your application.

Pls wait for your Thread IoT solution.