Which for ar750s?

I might try ar750s. Which firmwares do I want?


I do not know because THERE IS NO EXPLANATION FOR EACH FILE! Thank you.

No idea what you want but it took me another 5 seconds to find:

GL.iNet download center (readme.txt)!

I suggest you take a bit of time and effort before whinging “me Me ME”!

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I read this file. Does not answer my question. That is very obvious. I suggest you take 5 seconds to read questions before answering. readme says:

Update through web Admin Panel: xxx.tar
Update through Uboot: xxx.img
What is Uboot: Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Docs

This says something but does not tell me what the files can do. You understand this?

EDIT okay I see why you say this. My question was not very clear. Thank you for your answer, but does not really help.

There is a readme in each model’s folder GL.iNet download center

Testing is beta firmwares for the modem. No release notes.

We will do a major update of firmware download page in Aug and Sep.

There is a readme in each model’s folder GL.iNet download center

Yes, I read each one. And they always say nothing. Here is one example: ““testing”: testing folder contains a release candidate firmware, it is pre-release stage. It will update regularly when some new features added or security bug fixed. The next release firmware will derive from it.”

This is really an insult. It do not say anything specific to each version, what features (Tor, OpenVPN, Wireguard, Luci, GL UI, snake, whatever.) So please, do not refer me to the same file I already read that has no informations when I say I would like informations that I do not find. You insult me to say this.

You did say this two years ago maybe? But I hope now it is true.
Do you have example? Maybe we can help with beta testing and feedback.

I hope I can click a button and it appears. Unfortunately have to ask Engineers to develop. This is on schedule in Aug and Sep

I will do one favor for you if you want. You send me all the informations on firmwares, and I will work for 2 hours to make new website that have all the firmwares and the information/explanations you give me. Two hours, not two years. Really I will do this if you want send me all the explanations please.