Which IPK Driver Package For GL-X750v2c4?

The spec sheet says Qualcomm QCA9531. I did about two hours googling before I made a thread, but I still cant figure out which easytether driver I should use. Do Qualcomm chipsets get sorted under a different name?

I’ve already got easytether working on my PC from my phone (that’s how I’m posting this), and that works fine, without using the X750v2. However, when I take my Mint Mobile SIM card out of my phone, and put it in the X750v2, it works just fine with the default settings after a minute or two of automatic negotiation, however the pool it draws bandwidth from is the limited 5 Gigabyte hotspot pool, rather than from the unlimited plan I paid for. Do I need to set some packet TTL settings in the router itself? If so, what do I change, and what do I change it to? Thanks in advance.

Do you need to know the IPK architecture of X750? It uses mips_24kc

Hmmmm. I think I don’t see that one in the list? Just the ones that start with “M”, I’ve got:


I’m not sure which I should use? Also, can I ask how you found out to use “mips_24kc” ? The spec sheet I read said the chipset was QCA9531. How did you derive that connection? Sorry for the follow up questions, I just want to kind of demystify this black box, and not just memorize facts, but learn why or why not something is true, so I ca reproduce the answer for myself later, from first principles. :slight_smile:

maybe it’s in ath79.

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