Which is most stable gl router?

I’m using GL-AR750.

I use it as a permanent home vpn router but it freezes/requires restart every few days. Maximum stability I got is 7-10 days.

I Understand it’s a cheap, personal use router. I’m willing to invest but I want something that is install and forget.

It would be a wrong comparison but when I see some enterprise routers running for 5 year’s tirelessly, I want something like that.


What’s freezing 2.4ghz wireless or 5ghz?
You might need to run pure openwrt which has minimum services running

Everything or anything freezes in general randomly.

  • Goodcloud can’t see it
  • router responds to ping but not https
  • internet working but dns stops working

A stable platform should not have random issues on hourly/daily/weekly unless some changes are made to it.

Even cheap stock wifi routers modems can work tirelessly forever without needing any attention.

But I’m not sure if my AR-750 just keeps running into bugs.
I have learnt to live with rebooting it or troubleshooting it but It gets annoying at times.

Can i install pure wrt on my existing glinet AR750?

I have the same model but not the same problems. Running Wireguard for all the devices (except 2 Chromecast), have more than 20 smart home devices, 3 PC connected and it even serves me as a NAS for 2 security cameras (they copy the recorded videos in realtime on a 256GB SD), I am also running NextDNS using Https-Dns-Proxy and everything is rock stable on latest firmware, no freeze or reboots. Are you sure that your settings are ok?

Thanks mate.
I have factory reset my ar750 and removed memory card as well.
Trying to get rid of any unused feature i may have installed .
Will see how it goes over next few weeks

Thanks @Max3
Your joint helped me.
I have probably some feature running that made it unstable.
It’s been working for 10 days now without requiring any TLC