Which is the fastest mbps wireless connection on these routers?


I have the AR300M and it maxes out about 10mbps over wireless.

Is there a device that can transmit wireless faster than this that you sell?

Also is there a device that is 5ghz too that you sell or are working on?

While I expect you should be able to do better, you are not offering much information about your environment

one or both sides wireless

distance between devices

obstructions between the wireless deices and materials.

what is the other device you are talking too

what is the local neighborhood like (crowded with other wireless or not)

5g devices in general have shorter distance, but general are in a less crowded radio spectrum


@opticon12000, are you using vpn or something?

AR300M should be easily reach 70 to 90Mbps over wireless in my iPhone.

Speed usually depends on the chipset. But 10Mbps is not normal.

@alzhao I am using the VPN yes but with their own app or openvpn on my computer with the same details I get 60mbps. Is it limited with your device?

I am right next to it with my iPhone SE or laptop and it maxes out at 9.999mbps as if its capped.
The i’ve set the wireless channel to be different to anything else in the area too.

The PC has a very strong CPU so router and phone cannot compare with it. I can get 90mbps in my PC using openvpn.

If you vpn use strong encryption 9.999mbps is normal.


@alzhao Ok please let me know if you ever create a device that can perform faster speeds in the future.

@opticon12000, I am testing our new device which can output 30mbps openvpn now. Hope to get it on market middle 2017.

@alzhao Brilliant, thank you!

Also really interested in this when it hits the market.

Cheers !

Other than a 30Mbps OpenVPN connection, are there any other features that will be upgraded?

Also anecdotally, I used the first cable I could find and it was rated for 10Mbps somehow. I didn’t think I had anything that old still lying around so it took a few minutes to figure out.