Which product to use for LTE Bridge

I was wondering if any of your products are compatible with this LTE Modem from Verizon:

I want to use your product as a bridge to setup LTE as a backup in a few of our offices. Double NAT is fine (ie our firewall will NAT and so would these devices), so I just need to know if they can work with that modem.
Thank you!

@atsak, I checked the page from verizon. Do you know there is a online manual?

From I can tell, when you plug this into the USB port of your pc, your pc will have an Ethernet and you can just connect to it immediately. This should works with the router. It should be a hostless modem. If you plug into the USB port of the router, you should be able to setup in “Tethering” page, as docs here: Overview - GL.iNet Docs


I wouldn’t know about the online manual location - is google any help finding it?


I’m actually looking for someone who knows for sure that this works, or not. In other words, I need it to be tested before buying them for our offices.

I see. Hope others can help!