Which products for a site2site setup between two countries?

Hey there,

I’m looking into creating a VPN between two countries, similar to a site2site vpn. The setup is:

  1. Country A has the server router.
  2. Country B has the client router which connects to country B router.

Clients are hosted in Country B and would appear as if operating from country A. Both are residential addresses if that matters. Router in Country A would need something like DDNS because we have dynamic IPs.

What products have the technical specs to allow this setup? I’m looking to keep costs down so I don’t need anything fancy and currently evaluating gl-inet products because they look hassle-free.


I’m thinking of brume2 or flint or flint2.

Hey Cal! Interesting that you mention brume2. That would apply only for the VPN server or both client and server?

All the devices I mentioned apply at both ends. Either the same at both ends or mixed and matched.

It pretty much depends on how much intersite bandwidth you need and if you want the same device to handle your lan and wifi network.

I understand. I don’t see flint2 available for sale yet, so there’s only brume2 and/or flint router. Why would I choose brume2 when it’s pretty much the same price as flint with less features (i.e. not really a general purpose router etc).

I don’t know. It’s up to you.

You might want to wait on somebody else to speak, though